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Ahmedabad: 62-year Old Man Cheated Of Rs2 Lakhs While Trying To Pay Credit Card Dues


Cyber crimes are on a rise in Gujarat and one of the most targeted groups are the elderly. Men and women in their late 50s and above often fail to see the sign of the  fraudsters and fall victims to them. This group of people are also often seen as rich  and are always on the watch-list of  the scammers.

In the latest, the scammers trapped a 62-year old man in Ahmedabad, who was looking to pay his credit card dues, and looted him of Rs2 lakhs. A resident of Gota area, Ashok Shah, was looking for Citibank’s customer care number online, but reached the fraudsters instead.

In the complaint lodged by the Sola police station, Shah said that he had called the number he found online, thinking it was real Citibank’s customer care. The man who took his call asked him to download AnyDesk application and gave precise instructions, apparently to help with the payment of credit card dues.

Shah was also asked to upload pictures of his credit card and of the two others belonging to different banks . Following all the steps, Shah realized that there were transactions made from his cards that were worth Rs2 lakh.

Sola police has lodged a case under cheating and breach of trust.