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BJP Mounts ED On Congress; Mevani Calls For Mass Support

“If there is nothing to hide, why is the Congress in such a panic mode?” questioned Gujarat BJP president, C.R. Paatil. He was speaking at a press conference held in the city, Sunday.

The leader charged the grand old party of Indian politics of making “crores of rupees.” As he put it: “If the Gandhis have done nothing wrong, they should go ahead and come out clean. That will also put an end to our allegations. However, they are attempting to deceive the nation and give the issue a political twist.”

Others accused in the case, such as Pavan Bansal and Mallikarjun Kharge, both Congress leaders, have made statements to the ED, according to Patil. “Similarly, Sonia and Rahul Gandhi, who is on bail in this criminal matter, should make a comment. They should take the ED notice as an opportunity to make their point. Instead, they are trying to make it a political issue,” he reiterated his point.

According to Paatil, the Congress commits corruption first, and then, when they face consequences, label charges against their interests as “vendetta politics.” He cited the instance of Indira Gandhi, who declared a state of emergency following a court ruling against her.

Patil claimed that Congress leaders had squandered the nation’s wealth. According to him, the FIR was filed in this matter because the accused leaders attempted to acquire Rs 50 lakh worth of property by transferring shares without asking the shareholders.

In response, Congress leader, Jignesh Mevani took to his Twitter handle and urged the party supporters to gather in front of the ED office tomorrow at 9:30 am. “The BJP is drunk on power and is using government agencies such as the CBI, IT and ED to silence Opposition. Such terrorising tactics will not scare us,” he stated.

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Mevani also detailed his recent Assam detention by the BJP to settle political scores because the BJP’s Rane couple had been arrested by the MVA in Maharashtra. “I appeal to all INC supporters and representatives in Ahmedabad and Delhi to unite and protest the gross misuse of government agencies. We as a party will not allow anyone to tamper with our self-respect. If this does not work, we will call for a nationwide bandh.”

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