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Chaos Reigns At London’s Heathrow; Baggage Belt In Terminal 2 Fails

Heathrow Airport is the UK’s largest and busiest airport. Hundreds of suitcases lay sprawled across the floor of London’s Heathrow airport after the baggage system in Terminal 2 faced a “technical issue” on Saturday.

Frustrated passengers posted photos and videos of the chaotic sea of baggage on Twitter. Some users claimed that there was a two-hour delay in reclaiming their baggage.

A user tweeted a video from inside the airport where he said that “all the baggage belts in Terminal 2 of the airport had stopped working”.

Watch Tweet here:

“We had to que up our luggage and we were told that security would watch it so that we could go through security, and maybe our luggage might make it to the plane with a 50-50 shot.”

The Twitter user went on to say that there was immense stress caused on all the airlines and passengers, but then “out of the blue, the belts started working”.

Another user posted this:

A spokesperson for Heathrow airport said that some passengers may have had to travel without their luggage.

She said, “Earlier today there was a technical issue with the Terminal 2 baggage system which has now been resolved … We are working closely with airlines to reunite passengers with their luggage as soon as possible. We’re sorry there’s been disruption to passenger journeys.”

Heathrow airport is the UK’s largest and busiest airport as well as being the busiest airport in Europe and the seventh busiest in the world based on passenger traffic.

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