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China’s Activity Along Indian Border Areas Is Alarming – General Charles A Flynn

General Charles A Flynn from the US has said that the China’s activity level along the border with India is alarming and should be taken seriously. He also pointed out that the diplomatic talks between India and China are helping control and stabilize the situation, but Beijing’s behaviour is troubling.

The Commanding General of the United States Army Pacific’s remarks come as he was speaking to the reporters after a meeting in New Delhi. He said, “I believe that the activity level is eye-opening. I think some of the infrastructure that is being created in the Western Theatre Command is alarming.” He also said that China’s infrastructure development in this area is concerning and begs the question of why. What does China want to achieve with this behaviour and what are the intentions, he asks. China frontier is handled by Western Theatre command and is responsible for the border with India across all sectors. 

General Flynn called India a strong ally and said that the US is willing to work together with the sub-continent in various ways. He stated, “Our ability to strengthen relationships in the region, as a counterweight to these destabilising activities… strengthen the network of allies, partners and like-minded countries for the protection of their land, resources, protection for a free and open Indo-Pacific… that is worthy of us working together as a counterweight to some of the coercive and corruptive behaviour of the Chinese.”

Furthermore, General Flynn announced that the two countries were organizing joint exercises to enhance military capabilities. One such exercise is Yudh Abhyas that will be held in area with high-altitude of 9,000-10,000 feet, in India in October.