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Gujarat Govt Might Go For 3rd Round Of Admissions Under RTE

In second round of admissions under the Right To Education (RTE) Act, government of Gujarat said that 4,525 students have confirmed their admissions to Class 1. In fact, 6,334 students were given admissions, but more than 1,500 parents failed to confirm their admissions by Monday, which was the last date for the same.

This news follows first round of admissions, where 64,456 students were offered seats but 53,387 students confirmed their admissions.

In total, the state government had made 71,154 RTE seats available in 9,957 schools across the state. As such, still there are 13242 seats vacant and so the government might think of conducting third round of admissions.

Government of Gujarat has had to face a lot of criticism for the poor education system in the state. It has also come under fire for not forcing all schools, especially privately owned schools, to have seats reserved under RTE.

Gujarat High Court, in 2018, had ordered that all private schools must reserve 25% seats under Compulsory and Free Education Act for the underprivileged children. However, earlier this month, a complaint had been filed against the government saying that the order has not yet being complied with.

The bench then slammed the government for not complying with the direct order, and said that no matter how old or new the private school is, all must reserve seats for the poor children and offer free education to them.