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Gujarat Paper Leak Scam: Student Activist Yuvraj Singh Claims Fraudulent Recruitment Based On Fake Certificates

After the paper leak scandal, student leader Yuvraj Singh has now made a big splash by taking fake certificates. Yuvraj Singh Jadeja held a press conference at Gandhinagar on the issue of competitive examination. In it, he made a number of shocking allegations about irregularities and compulsions in competitive examinations with the supporting evidence.

Yuvraj Singh Jadeja said that the educational qualification of the competitive examination in which the specific degree is mentioned, the certificates are being obtained on the basis of fake and financial class. Apart from this, Yuvraj Singh has alleged fraudulent recruitment of Sanitary Inspectors, Multi Purpose Health Workers, Livestock Inspectors on the basis of fraud certificates.

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Yuvraj Singh said that in the issue of fraud certificates, the students are not taught in any way. But in just 40 days, more than Rs. Not even called in other states) The signatures of all the registers are taken for the whole year and in order to avoid any future issue, the examination papers are written on the same day by placing the student in that college. Recently when the Panchayat Department Board of Gujarat Government is about to announce recruitment like MPHW, FHW, Gram Sevak, such partisan elements and agents have become very active. If the people who take and sell such fraud certificates are not stopped by the government in the near future, it will have a direct impact on the health of the people of Gujarat so it is very necessary to stop such people.

Fake certificates are mainly from states outside Gujarat

The fake certificates are mainly from states outside Gujarat like Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Himachal Pradesh.
There are many people in Gujarat who have given such fraud certificates but one of them is Lord Krishna Trust (RM Patel) alias Rameshbhai Patel who has given fraud certificates to thousands of students – as per Yuvraj’s allegations.

Department of Energy Fraud Certificate Scam

Some agents are providing diploma and degree certificates of engineering courses from out-of-state colleges to the students who have passed 10th and 12th in the energy department for about Rs 250,000. If the number of documents and certificates of the candidates recruited in the energy department for 2017, 2018, 2020, 2021, a huge racket is likely to come out.

The livestock inspector taken in 2016 had similarly messed with the document due to which the eligible candidate had to sit at home and the disqualified candidate continued working as the inspector. Candidates bought such fraud certificates even though they did not qualify to apply for the examination.

When the exam is about to be announced, it is advertised as a fast track course and the students are tempted to give a fraud certificate in a few days. Students are charged more than Rs 50,000 for the course at a time. The student is then asked to visit a state university once in a while for a certificate where he / she is asked to sign a register for the entire year and also for the examination papers which are given on that day. The same is written and the signature is also taken on the iCard of that student so that no one is suspected of malpractice.

The certificate which is given to that student is the certificate of the previous year. If a student has paid for a Fraud Certificate, and if the notification of the examination comes early, then before issuing the certificate, the details of the student to fill the examination form such as year of examination, percentage, seat number and name of the university are given to the students in advance. Is. One of the key people issuing the fraud certificate, R. like this. Patel who has opened Gorakh business for such fod certificate at different places in different cities of Gujarat like Ahmedabad, Modasa, Himmatnagar, Lunawada, Aravalli. R. like this. Such fraud certificates have been issued by Patel to many students over the years.