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Gujarat Witnesses Roar From ‘I Support Nupur Sharma’ Protestors

The controversial statement given by the ex-BJP spokesperson, Nupur Sharma on Prophet Mohammad during a debate on a national news channel, has divided the sentiments of India into two, one – “Arrest Nupur Sharma” and another – “I Support Nupur Sharma.”

While the statement brewed wide criticism from across the nation asking Nupur Sharma to apologize for her statement, several Islamic countries in the world too condemned the statement by the now-suspended spokesperson of India’s ruling party and asked India to apologize for disrespecting Prophet and hurting the Islamic sentiments. Meanwhile, including all major states of India, Gujarat is not far from this division.

In recent days, Gujarat has witnessed a major roar from various “I Support Nupur Sharma” wings. After the Muslim community in different parts of the state took to the streets in protest of Nupur Sharma’s statement, urging for her arrest, after the Friday Namaz, the supporters of Nupur Sharma too protested the derogatory remarks against the ex-BJP spokesperson and her suspension from the saffron party.

Just a day after the Friday protests, several people were seen gathered at the ISKCON Cross Road in Ahmedabad to take out a rally in support of Nupur Sharma and showcase the “Hindu unity”. However, the city police were quick to disperse the crowd and detain a few of the protesters after denying the permission for the rally.

The protestors, who had asked for the permission to protest and take out a rally in support of Nupur Sharma in a letter with a letterhead of ‘Sanatan Seva Sansthan’, also argued that when protests can be held in Dariapur, Mirzapur and Teen Darwaza without permission then why were they denied for the same thing but a different cause. However, the police were successful to convince them and soon the crowd dispersed.

In response to death and rape threats faced by Nupur Sharma and her family members, Naari Gaurav Suraksha Samiti came out in support of her. In the statement stating a protest rally in Ahmedabad, the Samiti said that Nupur Sharma has allegedly hurt religious sentiments of a particular faith, against which an FIR has been filed and the matter is now sub-judice. So the law must take its course now.

Stating the situation as “very dangerous for the secular fabric of our nation,” the Samiti said that there has been a call for beheading Nupur Sharma and a death sentence for her. This incident is not about Hindu-Muslim but the very respect of the Indian constitution and the respect of a woman in the country.

The demand for the rally by the Naari Gaurav Suraksha Samiti was denied and hence just a small gathering was held in Ahmedabad, demanding strong actions against the people who have given death and rape threats to Nupur Sharma. “The way one lady is receiving open threats, including rape, is not justified in any sense. Nupur Sharma had already apologized unconditionally for her statements and complaints have also been registered against her. So, this matter is subjudice now…”  said Rutvi Patel, Naari Gaurav Suraksha Samiti Convener.

The same was the call from the former IPS officer, DG Vanzara, who condemned the threats given to Nupur Sharma and said, “In the future, we want action to be taken against all those issuing threats against not only Nupur but to any other woman. Open rape threats should not be tolerated and allowed in society. We will force the administration to file legal cases against all these within the next couple of days.”

Apart from this, Karni Sena from Gujarat too came out in support of Nupur Sharma. A video shows Maulik Sinh, spokesperson of Karni Sena addressing Ekta Swabhiman Rally and Maha Sammelan in Bhuj saying, “…although her party has left her (Nupur Sharma) hand we, Karni Sena has held her hand, mind that very clearly. If something happens to her then the whole of India will be ablaze. We will be entering the houses and will beat them. I would like to say that Nupur Sharma has our support, Karni Sena has held her back, even without the permission of Raj Sinh Shekhawat and Sukhdevsinh Dada.”