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India Is Helping Minorities In Afghanistan, Says Doval

National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval has expressed his dismay at the recent bombing of a Sikh shrine in Afghanistan and called it an unfortunate event. He further said that it was India’s duty to extend a helping hand to the minorities of the country and this process has already begun. He revealed that the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) had issued many e-visas to Hindus living in Afghanistan and when the flights are available, these people can return.  

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also condemned the attack on Gurudwara in Kabul. Modi in his tweet regarded the attack as ‘barbaric’ and prayed for the safety of the devotees.

Doval, while talking to a media agency, further said that it cannot be denied that India’s diplomatic relations with Gulf and other countries have been shaken by Nupur Sharma’s insulting remarks toward Prophet Muhammad, but the government is taking strong steps to reverse the damage. He said that the government has spoken with many nations to convince them of India’s stand. He said that since the sentiments of these countries were hurt, they acted a little disproportionately. As such, these nations are responding positively to talks with India.

Furthermore, Doval talked about the killings of civilians in Jammu & Kashmir.  He said that since 2019, sentiments among the residents of the valley region have changed. Talking about the residents’ favour towards Pakistan, Doval said that was not the case anymore. He said these people no longer supported Pakistan and terrorism. It was just some people that were misleading everyone, and a handful of terrorist groups that were causing the problem, he said.