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Life Sentence To Jilted Lover Convicted for Murder Of Girlfriend

On Thursday, the local court in Vadodara sentenced a 26-year-old to life imprisonment in the murder case of his alleged former girlfriend after she ended the relationship.

The case dates back to April 2019, when Wasim Malik strangulated 25-year-old Prachi Maurya after an argument near a mall in Vadodara.

The court relied on scientific and technical evidence and the testimony of a critical witness, Ankit, who witnessed the heated argument between them just minutes before Wasim brutally killed her.

According to the prosecution, the murder happened when Prachi was returning from a theatre performance accompanied by a friend and co-artist named Ankit. 

When Wasim spoke to Prachi near a lane adjacent to the mall on Old Padra Road, the two argued about their breakup. As a result, Wasim strangulated Prachi to death, the prosecution has said.

According to the police, Prachi and Wasim had been in a relationship for three years. Prachi decided to discontinue the relationship. However, the two were in touch via WhatsApp.

The local court accepted the evidence on record, including call record details of five mobile phones, two belonging to Wasim, two to Prachi, and one to Wasim’s father, Sikander. The court rejected the argument that Wasim had been framed in a false case and he was present at a different spot at the time of the crime.

The convicted has been sentenced to life imprisonment under Section 302 of the IPC for murder, and has also been fined Rs 15,000.