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“Rape Threats On Social Media,” Says Ankiti Bose

Ankiti Bose

Troubles seem to be mounting for Ankiti Bose, the Indian-origin former CEO of Singapore-based fashion brand Zilingo, who was sacked from her post last week. 

Ankiti Bose also claims that she has been threatened with rape. “My personal images, chats, documents, and data may have all been inappropriately accessed and shared without my authorization,” she said, “and now I’ve seen copies of them on the internet that are plainly phony but devastating nonetheless.” I’m not sure who is doing this.”

She has now sought legal redress against a Twitter user who accessed and released her personal photos, chats, and documents without her permission on the internet. “The media and social media attention around Zilingo and myself have made it impossible to actually focus on what is important,” she stated. 

In the recent social media post, she said that the past seven days have been difficult for her and in addition to the dispute going public, which according to her should have remained private. 

She also expressed gratitude to her pals who had reached out to her in support. Elaborating on the difficult phase, she added that her current focus is mental health. “I have sought legal counsel because this is the work of “elements” attempting to intimidate and tarnish my image in the media and on social media,” read her post 

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