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Recent Developments In Russia-Ukraine War

Russia Hiding Death Toll of Its Army:

A number of Russian troops have been killed in the Mykolaiv region of Ukraine, recently. However, Russia has still not made an official statement on the exact numbers of its soldiers killed in the war with Ukraine but according to some reports and claims from the Ukrainian side, a large number of Russian troops entering Ukraine have died. The corpses of Russian soldiers are found in various cities in Ukraine.

Ukraine Not Ready To Give Up:

Even though the Russian army has destroyed several Ukrainian cities using weapons, the Ukraine army has still not given up and is on the front, fighting for its country. Russia is planning to occupy the Ukrainian capital – Kyiv but so far it has not succeeded. In fact, Ukrainian forces on the east side of the capital have pushed back Russian forces.

Veteran Kremlin Envoy Quits:

Meanwhile, a senior adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Anatoly Chubais has resigned from his post and left Russia to register his protest over the Russian invasion of Ukraine, said the reports. The veteran Kremlin envoy was transferred to the post of Climate Envoy by President Putin. Notably, the senior official served as Deputy Prime Minister in the Boris Yeltsin government in the 1990s.

Anatoly Chubais

Poland’s Internal Security Concerns:

Poland’s Home Ministry announced on Wednesday that it had asked 45 Russian diplomats to leave the country after Poland’s counter-espionage service ABW identified 45 Russian diplomats as suspected spies. “The internal security agency has drawn up a list of 45 people working in Poland under the cover of diplomatic activities,” said the ABW spokesperson adding that we are requesting the foreign ministry to “expel them from Polish territory”.   

A Literal War Between Russia and America:

A literal war has broken out between America and Russia. The United States has said that Russia failed to achieve its goal for which it initiated the war in Ukraine. However, in the midst of these failures, this war will not end easily. In response to this, Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin spokesperson said that the war in Ukraine is going on “as planned.” He also clarified that Russia will use nuclear weapons only when they feel a threat to its country.

Top Recent Developments: