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Something’s Brewing? V and Jennie?

Now here’s a bit of gossip!! Monday morning saw the ARMY constantly glued onto the screen, surfing to know more. About what? Well, rumours are doing the rounds that something is brewing between K-pop icons BTS’ V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie. A photo surfaced online from “their recent vacation in Jeju Island of South Korea.”

The click captured V driving the car with Jennie seated next to him.

However, a section of the fans were equally quick to point out that the image was morphed. They claim that V’s snap has been taken from his drive with fellow member J-Hope during BTS’ show “BTS In the Soop” last year and is not new. Another group of fans insisted that it is V and given that Jennie was recently in Jeju, they are swearing by the shot.

The two were earlier rumoured to be in a relationship when fans noted that V had accidentally followed Jennie on Instagram. Moreover, BLACKPINK’s Jennie seems to be done and over with BIGBANG’s G-Dragon.

When media agencies reached out to the artists’ respective agencies for comments, BTS’ BIGHIT MUSIC refrained from any comments. On the other hand, BLACKPINK’s YG Entertainment issued a statement: “We have nothing to say. We will inform if there is something to share.”

Now, ARMY has been swooning over the possibility of the two star magnates getting hitched, Among the trending hashtags to express their emotions are #HYBE, #BLACKPINK, #Jennie, #WE LOVE YOU #TAEHYUNG and #LEAVE TAEHYUNG ALONE.

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