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Vacation And Travel: Man’s New Best Friend After The Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought travel and tourism to a near deadlock. In 2020, there is no clarity on when we’ll get to have a vacation and travel away from the four walls of our home. However, now travel has changed all around the world. 

As the expedition industry, including slumber airlines, hotel chains, and cruise, slowly awakes from the pandemic in 2022, it has a highly uncertain and volatile future in which the past is unlikely prologue. However, people have turned to vacations extensively.

Some resorts have made several changes like play zones, swimming pools, and small areas for cycling and archery to attract people seeking vacations. The biggest challenge for tourism was the economically aggressive COVID-19.

When I talk at a personal level, my pandemic vacation was different. Earlier, I spent time with friends and family, chilled out writing blogs, and binge-watching my favorite shows, like The Boyz. However, during the pandemic, my vacation flew away in thin air. Even when I looked at the brighter side when I spent more time with my family, I missed my old summer days. My family and I played board games like carrom and video games. 

Teenagers like me travel to replenish their energy and leave the mundane. New places make me realize that there is more to the world than what I have seen or experienced. On my trip to Somnath last week, the journey was mesmerizing. Indeed, vacations are a much needed aspect of life.

Vashistha Pandya, Class 9th, Nirman High School

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