About Us

Hello from Gujarat!

Vibes of India, a new-age digital media company headquartered in Ahmedabad, India. The company based in the heart of Gujarat is determined to cater to a national and international audience and not be limited by geographical boundaries. Virago Media has been conceived by senior journalists with national and international exposure. It strongly believes in the values of justice, equality, and truth. The company’s first offering is the Vibes of India—a new-age digital media portal—reflects the idea of India. Vibes of India, affectionately called VoI focuses on business, politics, governance, food, entertainment, communities, education, crime, and diaspora. VoI is the voice of new India. As a multilingual portal and phone app, Vibes of India, will go beyond the rut of breaking news and instead follow a format of good narrative, investigative stories, long-reads, multimedia stories, and more.