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Ancient Temples of India -Kutch Gujarat

December 30, 2023 12:58

Gujarat has many ancient temples which are unseen by visitors and also locals. Today, this article will share some unheard-of ancient temples in Kutch-Kachchh, Gujarat.  Story Initiative by Indian content writer, Author, and Cricket Analyst Jigar Saraswat. Gujarat is surrounded by some beautiful places and has many ancient places. Out of that top list today, discuss ancient temples in Kutch-Kachchh, […]

Kanakadasa Jayanti: A Celebration of the Life and Legacy of a Saint-Poet

November 29, 2023 21:08

Kanakadasa Jayanti, celebrated this year on November 30th, marks the birth anniversary of the revered saint-poet Kanakadasa, a towering figure in Kannada literature and Carnatic music. Renowned for his profound devotion to Lord Krishna, Kanakadasa’s life and works embody the essence of Bhakti (devotional) movement, leaving an indelible mark on Karnataka’s cultural heritage. From Thimmappanayaka […]

The Spiritual Significance of Autumn Equinox In Our Modern Lives

October 1, 2022 15:49

– Radhika Rai The autumn equinox arrives on Thursday, September 22, 2022. The word “equinox” comes from Latin and means “equal night,” referring to the roughly 12-hour day and 12-hour night that occurs only on the two equinox days of the year.  A day when Shiva sat as Ardhanari – half man, half woman. For […]

Five Biggest and Most Beautiful Mosques In India

May 5, 2022 16:48

India is among the few nations that boast a varied architectural heritage. From temples, mosques, churches, gurudwaras and synagogues, even in its places of worship, no other country has such diversity. With Eid just a day old, we look at some of the most beautiful mosques in India: 1) Hazratbal Masjid, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir:  […]

All About The Holy Month of Ramzan

April 27, 2022 16:44

The Islamic calendar (called Hijri) is a lunar calendar comprising 12 months in a year of 354 or 355 days. It is used to determine the days of Islamic holidays and rituals, such as the annual period of fasting and the month of pilgrimage, Hajj. In most countries where the predominant religion is Islam, the […]

Easter Sunday Brings The Greatest Gift of Hope

April 17, 2022 16:56

“Christ the Lord is risen today, sons of men and angels say. Raise your joys and triumphs high; sing, ye heavens and earth reply.” – Charles Wesley Happy Easter to all! It is time to rejoice and celebrate as the day of Easter offers us the greatest gift of hope. We all must have heard […]

Worship Maa Brahmacharini Today To Rid Mangalik Dosha

April 3, 2022 13:29

Today, April 3, is the second day of Chaitra Navratri. Each of the nine days is imbued with significance and today, the day is set aside for Maa Brahmacharini, one of the nine forms of the Mother Goddess. In this incarnate of Brahma, the deity is worshipped as “the giver of eternal results.” She is […]

Calming Practice Of Mandala Art

January 22, 2022 17:21

Aruna Raghuram Adult colouring books have become quite the rage these days. Among them, mandala colouring books are particularly popular. In these times of uncertainty, anxiety and isolation caused by the pandemic, drawing and colouring mandalas could prove beneficial for physical, mental and spiritual health.    Mandala means ‘sacred circle’ in Sanskrit. Mandalas are made up […]

Feel Your Feelings

January 13, 2022 16:00

She’s a spoiled little rich girl.  Just walked out on her wedding, and turned up at the apartment of an old school friend still wearing her exquisite ivory dress. Her friend’s friends convince her that she has to grow up and get real, so in a moment of liberation she triumphantly cuts up the credit […]

The Art Of Gratitude: What Are You Most Thankful For This Year?

December 28, 2021 15:09

A blind boy sat on the steps of a building with a hat by his feet. He held up a sign which read, “I am blind, please help.” There were only a few coins in the hat – spare change from folks as they hurried past. A man was walking by. He took a few […]

Kolkata’s Techie Becomes Most Popular Priest in United Kingdom

October 12, 2021 21:45

When Tanay Mukherjee started performing Durga Puja in London in 2008 he never thought in his wildest dreams that soon he would be the most sought-after priest in the United Kingdom. This year he is the most popular priest in the UK, performing five Durga pujas back to back. As Saptami is being celebrated as […]

Balancing Buddha

October 3, 2021 18:38

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,there is a field. I’ll meet you there.When the soul lies down in that grass,the world is too full to talk about.Ideas, language, even the phrase “each other”doesn’t make any sense.The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.Don’t go back to sleep.You must ask for what you really […]

‘Socially mindful’ Eh, what’s that?

September 10, 2021 18:01

Thoughtfulness is when you take food over to the house of a sick neighbour. Politeness is when you hold open a door for someone getting out of a car. Social mindfulness, on which India has one of the lowest scores as per a global study published last week, is a more subtle concept. Like politeness […]

Freedom Redefined

August 15, 2021 17:55

Two monks were returning to their aboard through a forest, discussing all that they had learned in the monastery. The old Monk listened sagely while the younger one seemed all charged about following each principle and never stepping into the material realm of existence.  As they walked along, they came to a river that was […]

Understanding Vipassana With Dr. Sonal Desai

August 11, 2021 20:26

What is Vipassana ?  Vipassana is a way of life as suggested and practiced by Gautam Buddha. Vipassana guides you to help cleanse the conscious and to attain inner peace. Vipassana is the knowledge of living in the present. Accepting others as they are and believing them to be their true self, our appropriate and […]

Turning Fear Into an Ally

July 25, 2021 14:07

“There is no greater illusion than fear.” ⁃ Lao Tzu A mouse was extremely worried that a cat would catch and kill her. Her fear was so great that she never ventured out at all. “How I wish I were a cat. I would then have nothing to fear,” she thought. A genie who was […]

Time to find your ‘inner voice’

July 10, 2021 09:06

Have you ever felt misunderstood? Do you feel choked up when you are trying to communicate your feelings? Do you fumble or become aggressive because you feel you are unheard of? Have you ever felt lost for words or unable to express your emotions calmly? Do you ever feel that you have a lot to […]