Ancient Temples of India- Kutch Gujarat

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Ancient Temples of India -Kutch Gujarat

|Surendranagar | Updated: December 30, 2023 12:58

Ancient temples of India-Kutch Gujarat

Gujarat has many ancient temples which are unseen by visitors and also locals. Today, this article will share some unheard-of ancient temples in Kutch-Kachchh, Gujarat. 

Story Initiative by Indian content writerAuthor, and Cricket Analyst Jigar Saraswat.

Gujarat is surrounded by some beautiful places and has many ancient places. Out of that top list today, discuss ancient temples in Kutch-Kachchh, Gujarat, which are still to be explored. Today, we are here with those ancient temples and the unheard-of-best beach near the old Mahadev temple in Kutch, Gujarat.

The reason for highlighting the Kutch Abdasa area is to give some vibrancy to the border areas of Kachchh. 

We know that Kutch-Kachchh is blessed with the beautiful White Run and Matanamadh temple. But things don’t end here. Many need to know Abdasa, a place of Kutch with many ancient places, especially temples.

Being aastic is good because it’s the central pillar of humanity. Everyone faces issues in life, but very few have the courage or power to overcome them. Those who overcome them indeed believe in God’s blessings Coz it’s a central part of humans. It gives you inner strength and power to defeat the devils that come in life.

Before we start, these temples are not just places where Indian gods are placed by humans. These are temples with a story behind them, and all are real Indian gods and goddesses, places of the past. It’s a place where you can find your inner peace, the presence of the Almighty, and nature’s beauty. 

So get ready to read about some of the ancient temples of Kutch, Gujarat / ancient temples of Kachchh, Gujarat:

1.) Khatla Bhavani Temple Matanamadh or say Mahisasurmardini temple:

Khatla Bhavani temple, or Mahisasurmardini temple or Narayani temple, is located at Matanamadh with Ashapura Maa temple. It’s located in the hills of Kuchchh, Gujarat. It’s one of the oldest Mahisasurmardini temples in Gujarat, India. 

It is said that the Mahisasurmardini temple statue was not placed by any human; it is swayambhu. It comes on the list of the ancient temples in Kutch Gujarat that are yet to be explored by many. People visit the Matanamadh temple of Ashapura maa to take blessings. Now, whenever you visit Matanamadh temple, remember to see the beautiful temple of Maa Mahisasurmardini, aka Khatla Bhavani maa temple. This temple is managed by Ashapura Jagir, Sant Rudragiri, and now Omkargiri.

Recently, the Gujarat Govt has also highlighted the unseen temple of Matanamadh, the temple of Khatla Bhavani.

Story from 

This ancient temple is believed to have been built by Pujari Shri Dhanji Raja around Vikram Samvat 1800. Since the idol of Maa Bhavani is placed on the seat, sported in the shape of a bed (locally known as “khatla”), this temple is named so. 

This temple is situated on a small hill west of Mata na Madh and is a lovely and peaceful site.

2. Temple of Sheetla Mata Kutch Gujarat

This temple was built in the year Vikram Samvat in 1902. This is also an east-facing temple. Since it is located in a vast compound, other temples like Raghunathji temple and Lakshminarayan temple are connected.

3. Temple of Jagora Bhavani

This temple is uncovered on a hill named Jagora, which is around 2 miles away on the northern side of Mata na madh. On the top of this hill, 2 big black stones are naturally placed so that a cave-like basement is created between them. 

The main entry is south-facing, while there is another central way from where one can exit on the western side. Inside the cave, on the northern side, a sindoor-coated red colored statue is placed and named Jagora Mataji. 

This goddess is mainly worshipped by a community of the Chauhan dynasty, Hindu Vaishnav Vanik, known as Mahashwaris. Every year, devotees of this Mahashwari community offer prayers to Mataji with Bhajans.

4. Pingleshwar Mahadev Temple Abdasa Kothara:

You can visit the most beautiful Place, Pingleshwar Mahadev temple, an unexplored clean beach in western Gujarat. A place with Natural beauty and a simple locality will surely win your heart. This temple’s history goes on for many years. Also, at one time, Pingleshwar Beach was a trading port. This place is around 20km away from Kothara. 

5.Vadapadhar Khetrapal temple or Khetarpal temple Abdasa Kothara:

Vadapadhar Temple is where you will definitely feel peace due to Khetarpal Dada. Kutch/ Kachchh’s Hindu community has followed this temple for over 1000 years. Priest at this temple is Sardaben Saraswat.

Besides Pir Dargah, Gurudwara also comes from ancient places in Gujarat. Sardaba Saraswat is a priest of the temple. This temple has a unique history, and it is said that Khetarpal is still seen as a snake in Tree, which is local, and many Aastha stambh.

Ashapura temple in Kothara Abdasa:

Another temple that is relatively unknown by many is believed to have a similar miraculous story behind its inception & that is Maa Ashapura’s temple located at Abdasa in Kothara (initially known as Kothaar), Kutch.

According to local sources, Maa Ashapura’s temple in Kothara is more than 360 years old, and the maa ashapura murti is not human-made. It is swayambhu like Matanamadh Ashapura maa

Jain Derasar of Kothara:

This temple comes in Jain tirth, and it is said to be more than 160 years old & it is also a part of the panch tirth of the Jain community, 

Kameshwar Mahadev Temple & Pathaaper, among many other ancient holy temples, are also there in Kothara Kutch. Kothara was the central hub of Abdasa Kutch at one time in the early 90s. After that, for specific reasons, locals started to leave the place due to a lack of scope and less priority given to the area.

Beautiful Abdasa of Kutch:

Abdasa comes in Gujarat’s oldest places, where locals live in peace. It has many oldest forts from Kothara Jagirs, Roha, Tera and other Jaagirs nearby. This fort of Kothara is still in good condition, which too can be a tourist attraction.

The motive of this article is to support the Abdasa Kutch area by highlighting some of the ancient places still being explored. Once these places of Abdasa get explored, people there will get some motivation as these places become ghost towns due to a lack of opportunities. 

So whenever you come to Kutch for Matanamadh or a white run visit, do not forget to explore Abdasa temples and old forts. These places, people, and food will win your heart for sure. 

Story Initiative by Gujarat’s leading content writerAuthor, and Cricket AnalystJigar Saraswat.

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