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Understanding Vipassana With Dr. Sonal Desai

| Updated: August 11, 2021 20:26

What is Vipassana ? 

Vipassana is a way of life as suggested and practiced by Gautam Buddha. Vipassana guides you to help cleanse the conscious and to attain inner peace. Vipassana is the knowledge of living in the present. Accepting others as they are and believing them to be their true self, our appropriate and conscious conduct towards them would be the ideal way of conduct. Vipassana doesn’t teach you to run away from the bitter truths of life. Instead it teaches you to accept the truth in complete reality and inspires you to live your life with them. The acceptance does not allow any negativity to surround your mind and heart and that is why you start feeling at peace within yourself. 


Vipassana through Dr. Sonal’s lens. 

A resident of Ahmedabad and a practicing Gynaecologist, Dr. Sonal Desai has been associated with Vipassana for the past 17 years. While we spoke to her, she informed us about her life changing experiences with Vipassana. Attending her first Vipassana camp in the year 2003, she has, till the year 2020, been a part of 10 such camps.    

Vipassana changes your life completelyThe initial 5 – 6 days were very difficult. I could not concentrate nor could I calm my mind. But then slowly slowly as days passed, things became smooth and I could feel the control over my thoughts and also could feel the peace within. After I returned home from my first Vipassana camp, I could feel immense peace within and could also experience the changes in my behaviour and conduct. Now, Vipassana has become a part of my life, a part of me.   

Her future plans  with Vipassana

Sharing more details about Vipassana, Dr. Sonal called Vipassana an experimental meditation technique which has special courses specially designed for the youth, allowing them to cope up with rising stress and life issues. For those who cannot be a part of these Vipassana Camps, every Sunday, one day sessions are conducted at the Vipassana’s Ahmedabad Center. 

To engage herself deeper with Vipassana, Dr. Sonal Desai has plans to take up a course with Vipassana Research Institute which is offered by the Mumbai University.   

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