1 in 10 Covid Patients Can Spread Virus Even After 10 Days

| Updated: January 15, 2022 8:49 pm

University of Exeter has found that one in ten people might be infectious for covid even after ten days of onset of the disease. 

Recently a new guideline by the Indian government has relaxed rules relating to testing after catching covid but this new study published in the international journal of infectious Diseases has found that virus was still active even after 10 days of being tested positive. 

The study was conducted on 176 people in Exeter after them being tested positive for covid. Total of 13 percent of people still had an active virus in their body.  Shocking was the result of the few who retained the virus even after 68 days. 

It was found that regular PCR tests reveal viral fragments and can tell whether they recently had the virus but it can not detect if the virus is still active and whether that person is still infectious. Larger research on the topic will be conducted by the institute but their initial finding points to the importance of negative virus active test to ensure they are no more infectious.

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