1100 BJP Workers From Navsari Resign Over Dispute With Police

| Updated: August 1, 2022 11:58 am

A total of 1100 Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) workers from CR Paatil’s constituency, Navsari, collectively resigned from the party’s primary membership, following a dispute between the locals and the police in Jamalpur area. The workers, led by executive member Janak Patel, submitted their resignations to District BJP president Bhura Lal Shah.

Recently, a complaint had been registered against the Radhakrishna temple that was built illegally on the land behind Sarvoday Society in Jamalpur. The locals had started worshipping at the temple every day. The collector had heard the case and ordered the closure and demolition of the temple.

When police reached the location to demolish the temple on July 25 the people from the society and other locals protested. During this incident, the police while trying to disperse the crowd, allegedly beat up the women harshly.

The locals in the area had held huge rallies against the ill-treatment of the police. They held candle marches against the police atrocities. The people from the society had said that local and state BJP leaders should support them, and take strict action against the police.

Considering the whole conflict, the BJP workers of the constituency decided to resign from the party. President Shah first refused to accept the resignations but with the workers insisting he was left with no other choice.

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