2004-14 Was Lost Decade, Current One Will Be Known As India’s Decade, Says PM

| Updated: February 8, 2023 6:44 pm

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday replied to the debate on the Motion of Thanks on the President’s address and praised India’s achievements in Lok Sabha. He said that after decades of political instability, India finally has a stable and decisive government. India has become the second largest manufacturer and is emerging as the manufacturing hub for the world. 

He said “There is positivity, hope and confidence in the world about India today and added that hosting the G20 summit was a matter of pride. He adds further that India emerging as a manufacturing hub, the world sees its prosperity in India’s growth, but some people don’t want to accept it.”

He said in Lok Sabha “During the 10 years of the UPA govt, inflation was in double digits and hence when something good happens, their sadness increases. In the history of the country’s independence, 2004-2014 was full of scams. Terror attacks took place across the country in those 10 years.”

Taking a dig at the Opposition, PM Modi says the opposition keeps contradicting itself saying India is weakened and then alleges that India is pressuring other countries.” He adds that the period of  “2004-2014 was a decade of scams and violence” and that the “UPA’s trademark was to let every opportunity turn into a crisis from 2004-2014.” Modi said that there is hope in all sectors of the country, but “some people were steeped in frustration due to the people’s mandate against them.”

He also added that the opposition has wasted the last nine years in making allegations and adds that “compulsive criticism replaced constructive criticism during this period.”

PM said in regards to tribal community that “The President has enhanced the pride of the tribal community. Today, after several years of independence, there is sense of pride in the tribal community and increase in their self-confidence. This nation and House is grateful to her for this.”

Concluding his reply to the debate on the Motion of Thanks to the President he said “There can be differences of opinion in politics, but we are focused on building a developed India by 2047.”

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