2022: Plastic, Toxic Wastes In Amdavad’s Water Bodies Killed 120 Birds 

| Updated: January 17, 2023 12:38 pm

While the ill-effects of plastic and toxic wastes continue to wreak havoc with ecological balance, a new report by Ahmedabad-based Jivdaya Charitable Trust (JCT) has brought back the glare on irresponsible dumping of plastic wastes in and around water bodies which led 120 birds to a miserable death in 2022. Nearly 114 of this number were black ibises. 

Explaining the same, shares Gira Shah, trustee, JCT: “The majority of birds are found with a lot of plastic stuck to their stomach lining. Apart from causing severe infection and inflammation, it leads to a painful suffering for the birds. Some of them even choke on plastic beads and are brought to us, gasping for breath. While plastic must be banned, efforts have to be put into action to dispose wastes carefully. Even aquatic life stands threated by ingestion of plastic elements which eventually seep into water.”

Echoing the same concern, JCT hospital curator, Sherwin Everett added that forest department veterinarians along the state’s coastal belt are often faced with animals and birds gyrating in pain because of plastic ingestion. 

The animal care organisation also treated nearly 250 cows and other strays who were brought in very sick after ingesting plastic wastes. “Last year, we undertook surgical removal of nearly 10 kg plastic from a cow’s stomach in a surgery that lasted nearly eight hours,” she shared. 

In a bid to sensitise the youth, JCT has set up an interactive centre on their campus at Panjrapol Road in Ambawadi. “Here we screen a documentary on responsible disposal being the key to sustainability for the planet,” added JCT member Kartik Shastri. 

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