300 Eyes Watch: Ahmedabad Cracks Down on Public Littering with CCTV

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300 Eyes Watch: Ahmedabad Cracks Down on Public Littering with CCTV

| Updated: December 18, 2023 18:30

300 Eyes Watch: Ahmedabad Cracks Down on Public Littering with CCTV

Ahmedabad residents, beware! Your littering days might be numbered. In a major crackdown on public littering, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) is deploying a network of 300 CCTV cameras across 47 garbage sites in the city. This “red eye” initiative aims to catch and penalize those who dump garbage in public places, paving the way for cleaner streets and a healthier environment.

Gone are the days of overflowing silver trolleys, removed due to rampant misuse. Under the new system, a total of 47 “black spots” identified as notorious dumping grounds will be under constant surveillance. More than 300 CCTV cameras will be strategically placed to capture live footage of anyone indulging in littering activities. Live recordings from the cameras will be streamed directly to the city’s smart control room, allowing officials to monitor the situation in real-time. This swift action ensures that offenders are not given a chance to escape the consequences of their actions.

Caught on camera? Be prepared to pay! The AMC is serious about deterring littering, and violators can face hefty fines of up to Rs. 50,000. This significant financial penalty serves as a strong deterrent, encouraging responsible waste disposal practices. This initiative is a promising step towards cleaner streets and a healthier environment for Ahmedabad. By tackling the issue of public littering head-on, the AMC is paving the way for a more sustainable and livable city. With 300 eyes watching, hopefully, Ahmedabad’s residents will choose to dispose of their waste responsibly, creating a cleaner and greener future for all.

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