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5th Edition of Abhivyakti – A Kaleidoscope Of Visual Delight

| Updated: December 9, 2023 19:06

Art installations at the 5th Edition of Abhivyakti – The City Arts Project of Torrent Group’s UNM Foundation reveals expressive stories about society, environment, nature, vedic geometric formations among others.

A distinguished artist, Mahesh Meher’s art installation “World Within World” weaves intimate memories with broader cultural contexts, creating a compelling narrative. He portrays interconnected worlds within circular forms, inviting viewers to explore the universe through the lens of his childhood ‘parikrama’, highlighting the interconnectedness of our lives.

Ahmedabad-based Nidhi Sabhaya is a passionate artist specialising in ceramics. She draws inspiration from nature’s intricate shapes and organic forms. In her art installation “Inside Story”, Sabhaya encapsulates the inspired minimalist forms and beauty of the natural world. Her fascination lies in small details, which she skillfully translates into her art, capturing the essence of organic forms through lines, textures, shapes, tones, and layers.

Vivek Agravat’s artistic journey navigates through various dimensions of Indian Vedic geometry. With his art installation “Sthapna”, Agravat delves into the profound power of understanding fundamental geometric formations, both consciously and subconsciously. He skillfully combines the realms of contemporary science and visual art with the wisdom of ancient customs and rituals.

Earlier on Thursday, there was an influx of young men, women, students, elderly and art admirers for a variety of performances and the visual art installation display.

An accomplished artist from Rajasthan Nisha Dhinwa displayed “Metamorphosis” on the day, where she explored the life cycles of environmental creatures, emphasising the importance of insects, birds, and plants in our ecosystem.

Parvez Shaikh, a passionate art photographer, who transitioned from IT field to photography in 2015, through his shots explored street photography’s abstract essence using black and white images. In his visual art installation titled “Street Musings: Weave Your Own Stories” he showcased street photography with its lack of a fixed definition, opening up the scope for diverse interpretations.

Ahmedabad-based artist Sagar Joshi through his “A Beautiful Island” installation burrowed in the heart of the ocean where lies an exquisite natural paradise – an island adorned with pristine sandy beaches, embraced by crystal-clear waters, and embraced by verdant foliage. This idyllic haven offered a sanctuary for travellers yearning for serenity, solitude, and reprieve from the frenetic pace of urban life.

On Wednesday, Rajani Bhosle’s visual arts installation “Over the Miles” explored the emotional depth of Indian cranes. “Long Distance” portrayed the universal theme of love and separation, while “Welcoming the Leader” examined social dynamics, drawing parallels between cranes and human behaviour.

Visual artist Nipa Modi in her installation “Dada Dadi No Otlo” portrayed the cherished bond between young children and their grandparents, who bring vibrancy to their lives. Nipa captured this essence in her terracotta sculptures, beautifully depicting the special connection between generations.

Gargi Rawal in her installation “Tender Torment” explored a pre-depressive state marked by intense melancholy, portraying the battle to conceal tears and fear amidst looming despair. Through video poetry, the artist aptly merged literary and visual metaphors, skillfully navigating emotional turbulence.

Shubhangi Saxena in her installation “Symphony of Serenity: Nature’s Embrace” explored the eternal beauty of the natural world through a series of illustrations on forest. She combined her love of the arts with her fascination with the wilderness, driven by a deep affection for nature and a desire for environmental conservation.

In her installation “Reality of Society” Krishna Popaliya presented a sculpture representing life’s cyclical journey. Crafted with nails and wires, it symbolised growth, transformation, and resilience, especially in women. Nails signified life’s challenges, while flexible wires represented adaptability.

Jimmy Khatri in his installation “Conceptual Work” conveyed resilience in his chaotic artwork, drawing inspiration from unconventional sources like lines. He used art to express his emotions and experiences, portraying his struggles with bold strokes. His work stands as a testament to his inner strength.

Abhivyakti – The City Arts Project is an endeavor of UNM Foundation of Mehta Family of the Torrent Group, which envisions making art an integral part of the social fabric, by enabling access for audiences without constraint of location, thresholds (physical and individual) and social or economic strata by free entry.

The mission is to identify and support budding talent and then provide the appropriate platform for these artists of all genre to present their craft to the city and its populace.

Abhivyakti encompasses many myriad art forms ranging from dance, music, painting, photography, installations and theatre. Abhivyakti aims at bringing international quality art to the people, absolutely free.

The fifth edition of Abhivyakti is being held from November 24 till December 10, 2023. This year 37 artists will present 106 performances. Further 50 visual arts will be designed and set up by 50 artists.

Art lovers can log on to www.abhivyaktiart.org for event schedule or Dial 7069104444/7069105555 for the performance of their choice. Entry is free.

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