Bharuch: Kite Flying Thread Slits Throat Of Woman On Two-Wheeler

| Updated: January 9, 2022 4:30 pm

In a tragic incident that took place in Bharuch, kite flying thread slit the throat of a woman with her daughter going on a two-wheeler. The injury proved fatal which took the mother’s life, though her daughter was not injured.

The woman’s name was Ankita Mistry. She lived with her family at Arunodaya Bungalows in Zadeshwar, Bharuch. Shehad left for her father-in-law’s house on Saturday with her daughter. On the way, the kite thread appeared, and it went through her throat and in moments she was covered in blood. People around her rushed to her aid.

The deceased woman’s 9-year-old daughter who was with her was traumatized to see this, her cries making everyone around cry too. Accidents involving the deadly thread are on the rise.

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