From Cleaning Airports To Owning Multi-Million Dollar Company At 33: Aamir Qutub From Saharanpur Shines In Australia

| Updated: July 5, 2022 12:25 pm

It is a story of the credible destiny of a young boy from Saharanpur in UP who made it big in Australia. Aamir Qutub moved from India to Australia ten years ago to study an MBA. He was unsuccessful in securing a single job despite applying for 300 posts and ended up working as a cleaner at Victoria’s Avalon Airport. He is now owning a multi-million dollar company and boasts of adding a Ferrari in his fleet of cars,

Aamir received an internship and went on to become the company’s general manager before he was 25. In 2014, he launched his own software business “Enterprise Monkey” which now employs 100 staff and is worth $ 2 million. He has also been crowned Australian Young Business Leader of the Year and Indian Achievers’ Award for Business Leadership

His business Enterprise Monkey which was awarded the Australian Smartest Innovation of the year creates software apps that help companies save money and increase revenue. One of the creation of his company is an app called Angel Next Door which allowed neighbours to ask for help for things like groceries or medicine when they were isolated during Covid. It operated within a 5km radius and had 100,000 ‘angels’ sign up and 50,000 calls for help completed.

Aamir Qutub has a word of advice for young entrepreneurs. He emphasises the importance of failures in order to learn how to succeed.

‘It was very scary moving here because everything was new for me and my English was not great,’ he says. ‘It was hard to find jobs without experience, every job required previous experience but I didn’t have any because I just moved here.’ Differentiating between India and Australia, he said that In India it’s all about degrees and qualifications that you have, but in Australia it’s not about education, it’s about skill set.

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