A’bad: BabyChakra Hosts ‘Doctors Event’ To Provide Free Nutritional Guidance

| Updated: February 25, 2023 6:52 pm

BabyChakra, India’s leading parenting platform, hosted a ‘Doctors Event’ in Ahmedabad on February 25, 2023. The event aimed to provide free nutritional guidance to mothers and children and was held at the Maternity and Multi-Speciality Hospital. 

Over 100 parents attended the event, which included a workshop on parenting featuring Dr. Archana Shah, OBS. & Gynaecology, and Dr. Harshil Savaliya, Paediatrician, as speakers. Attendees were also provided with gifts and snacks.

According to Dr. Archana Shah, “We view pregnancy as a natural stage of life rather than an abnormality or illness. As experts, we try to make your pregnancy journey a pleasant one.”

Nayana Nanaware, Engagement Manager of Babychakra’s Doctor Integration Program, explained that the event’s purpose was to bring together like-minded parents in a safe and comfortable environment. Attendees could discuss their health concerns and receive guidance on parenting. “We aim to provide parents with the right direction for parenting by addressing thousands of related questions,” she said.

About BabyChakra:

Babychakra, founded by Naiyya Saggi in 2014, is a platform that offers assistance and a forum for parents via its app, social community, and offline events. It is the first completely certified baby-safe and organic products company in India, making it the favoured brand among Indian parents.

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