Ahmedabad: Ancient Step Well, Idols Discovered During Temple Foundation Work 

| Updated: February 19, 2023 11:26 am

Villagers in Kaniyel, Daskroi taluka of Ahmedabad, were taken aback when they stumbled upon an ancient step-well and idols, earlier last week. The unearthing, at nearly 30 feet into the ground, was made while digging to lay the foundation of a temple on private land.

“The step-well was found after two days of digging at the site,” shared Daskroi mamlatdar, A.P. Vyas. The discovery was made on February 13. “The upper structure of the well was exposed and a few statues, we think, which are of the goddesses, were found. Following this, the archaeology department was informed,” added Vyas.

A preliminary study of the site and the structure has been conducted by the Gujarat Directorate of Archaeology and Museum under the state’s Department of Sports, Youth and Culture. “We are done with a primary examination. Further studies will be able to date the discovery,” informed officials.

An old structure of the Khodiyar Mata temple already existed at the site and a new structure was being made for which digging was underway. The villagers halted further digging after the discovery.

Sarpacnh Mangalsinh Zala said there were stories about the existence of a vav or step-well somewhere in the village but no one had ever seen it until now.

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