Ahmedabad: At 45.8 Degrees Celsius, City Reports Hottest Day In Season On Wednesday; Heatwave To Continue On Thursday

| Updated: May 12, 2022 11:56 am

Ahmedabad on Wednesday sizzled at over 45.8 Degrees Celsius, reporting the hottest day of the season this year. Recording it to be the hottest day in May, the day was reported to be the hottest one in the last six years and the second hottest of May month after 48 Degrees Celsius was recorded on May 20, 2016.

According to Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), Ahmedabad recorded 4.2 Degrees higher than the normal maximum temperature on Wednesday along with 2.8 Degrees higher than the normal minimum temperature of 29.7 Degrees Celsius. This resulted in no cool winds during night hours to bring the high temperatures down. On Thursday, the city will continue to experience heatwave conditions with the maximum temperature expected to hover around 44 Degrees Celsius.

The heatwave conditions are the result of north-westerly winds from the dry desert of Rajasthan, stated the IMD.

Surendranagar was the hottest place in Gujarat with a maximum of 46 Degrees Celsius. Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar were the second hottest places at 45.8 Degrees Celsius, followed by Deesa at 45 Degrees Celsius and Amreli at 44.8 Degrees Celsius.  

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