Ahmedabad: Have Glance Of Nagaland At This Exhibition Through Lens Of ‘Group Of Young’ In Their Sixties

| Updated: January 18, 2022 10:14 pm

Nagaland is the smallest state of India with a wild vicinity and is mostly mountainous. Most of the travelers find it difficult to explore the actual beauty of this state due to the lack of concrete roads, but this group of 10 adventurous individuals explored it with ease. We can call them the group of young sixties as these 60 year olds are exploring the vicinity of the wild in their cars.

Anil and Tanuja Relia

The group – Anil and Tanuja Relia, Mahendra and Shobha Patel, Dr. Girish and Nita Jethwa, Gagan Goswami, Dipak Patel and Kishansinh Gohil experienced a road trip that one can only imagine, going through tracks which had several difficulties to pass and a lot of danger, this group has explored Nagaland.

An exhibition is held at the Amdavad ni Gufa for all others to experience bits and pieces of this whole 12-day trip. The exhibition has all the beautiful pictures of this trip. From making to the roads through thick grasslands to removing obstructions caused by landslides, they have faced it all and despite being old they have done something that most young ones fail to do.

While talking to Vo! about their trip, Tanuja and Anil Relia had that spark still alive. The urge to explore the unexplored got them and they went on this trip with eight other like-minded people. They said that if they had to adopt something from the people of Nagaland then it would be trying to live happily with the least.

Dr Girish Jethwa – one of the group members and an eye specialist said that he was intrigued by the nature and culture of this state. Despite the hardships he wanted to seek the peace in green covers over grey covers of formality in developed states.

Looking back to his days on trip, Mahendra Patel, another group member, recalled how helpful the residents were and how they gave them shelter and food. Noding to Patel’s statement, Kishansinh Gohil said that he too was intrigued by the same and was keen to capture these breathtaking views in his camera. 

The exhibition will be held till January 21, 2022 daily from 4 pm to 8 pm, at Amdavad Ni Gufa, KL Campus.

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