Ahmedabad: Online Friend Rapes 30-year-old Married Woman

| Updated: May 22, 2022 2:16 pm

Making friends online is a concept that has been popular since internet became freely available. Talking with people from different states, countries and from all walks of life is an interesting phenomenon and can be real stress-buster for many. Also, it is often easier to share our problems with someone who is outside of one’s family and social circles. Many people form long-lasting friendships online.  

However, this has its own risks. In the latest, a married woman in Ahmedabad has filed a complaint against a man for allegedly entering her house without permission and raping her. This man has been her online friend for three years.

On Friday, Satellite police registered a case of rape and house trespass against the accused Bhavin Bhavsar. The 30-year-old woman has claimed that Bhavsar threatened to show their pictures to her husband if she refused to do as he said. As such, he forced himself into her house a couple of times last week and raped her.

Following the rape incident, the woman told her family about Bhavsar and with their help lodged a complaint against him and had him arrested.

Satellite Inspector D B Maheta said, “The victim and the accused knew each other for nearly three years. However, last week, he visited her house a couple of times and raped her. Meanwhile, the accused got engaged and the woman lodged a complaint based on which he was arrested.”

Investigation is underway and medical examination is still pending.

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