Ahmedabad Police’s Ingenious Strategy: Disguised as Vegetable and Balloon Vendors to Catch a Cunning Thief in Madhya Pradesh

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Ahmedabad Police’s Ingenious Strategy: Disguised as Vegetable and Balloon Vendors to Catch a Cunning Thief in Madhya Pradesh

| Updated: December 29, 2023 15:47

In a bid to capture a sly thief, the police force from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, embarked on a journey to Madhya Pradesh. For two consecutive days, the officers went undercover, selling vegetables and balloons, all while keeping an eye out for the suspect. The moment the thief made his appearance, he was promptly captured.

To catch crafty criminals, the police often resort to novel and innovative strategies. Whether it’s executing covert operations or adopting disguises, the police leave no stone unturned in ensuring the success of their mission. A case in point is a recent incident from Ahmedabad that has left everyone astounded. The Gujarat police, in their pursuit of a cunning thief, traveled all the way to Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh. For two days, they posed as vendors, selling vegetables and balloons. The moment the thief surfaced, he was immediately apprehended. The accused had previously committed a burglary at a lawyer’s residence in Ahmedabad.

As per the information available, the thief had absconded with cash and jewelry worth one and a half lakh from a lawyer’s house in Ahmedabad two days prior. Following this, the victim lodged a complaint, prompting the Sola police station to initiate an investigation. After scrutinizing over 500 CCTV footages in the area, the police discovered that the thief, riding an Activa scooter, had made several stops to drink tea.

Subsequently, the owner of the Activa scooter, a golgappa vendor, was identified. Upon interrogation, the vendor disclosed that a friend from the village had recently used the Activa and had returned to Madhya Pradesh just a day ago. The thief was identified as Ashok Sharma, who had retreated to his village in Gwalior post the theft. Following this revelation, a team from the Ahmedabad police set off for Gwalior to apprehend the accused. Upon reaching the village, the officers, in their disguise as vendors, commenced surveillance on Ashok Sharma.

An Ahmedabad police officer shared, “While the police were monitoring the accused’s activities, Sharma called his friend (the golgappa vendor) to inquire if the police had reached his house. The friend informed the police about Sharma’s call, prompting the police to instruct him to video call the accused, thereby enabling them to get an estimate of the accused’s house.”

After thorough identification, as soon as the accused stepped out of his house, the police recognized him by his shoes and nabbed him. Upon interrogation, Sharma confessed to the theft and has since surrendered the stolen goods to the police.

PSI Gadhvi of Sola police revealed that the accused resided in a densely populated area, making direct access to his house challenging. Consequently, the police had to adopt disguises to effectively monitor Sharma’s activities and apprehend him.

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