Alcohol-Laced Ayurvedic Syrup Ring Dismantled, 3 Arrested

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Alcohol-Laced Ayurvedic Syrup Ring Dismantled, 3 Arrested

| Updated: January 19, 2024 16:21

Alcohol-Laced Ayurvedic Syrup Ring Dismantled, 3 Arrested

Rajkot, Gujarat: Six-month-long undercover operation culminated in the arrest of three individuals in Junagadh district, uncovering a clandestine plot to peddle illicit ayurvedic syrup laced with alcohol. This bust sheds light on the dangers of unregulated herbal concoctions and the lengths criminals go to exploit them.

Back in July 2023, a tip led Vanthali police to a hidden cache of potentially intoxicating syrups stashed in a godown owned by Asif Amreliya (52). The haul comprised 19,300 bottles of Ashvasav, 4,525 bottles of Kal Meghasav, and 19,375 bottles of Kansava, all masquerading under the “Sri Ayurveda Healthcare, Vadodara” label.

Forensic tests confirmed the presence of ethyl and isopropyl alcohol, commonly used in hand sanitizers, in the confiscated syrup. Realizing the lethal potential of overconsumption, the police sprang into action.

Amreliya, along with Sujer Nagori (19) and Abbas Rauma (44), were apprehended. The mastermind, Feroz Chauhan, and Amreliya’s son-in-law, Abdul Kadir Multani (33), however, remain elusive.

Investigation revealed an intricate web of deceit. Chauhan contacted Multani with a proposal to offload a massive stock of dubious syrup. Multani enlisted Amreliya’s aid to conceal the contraband in his godown. Further, Nagori and others were recruited to assist with unloading and eventual distribution.

Crucial evidence points to Chauhan orchestrating the entire operation, even arranging for fake labels mimicking the defunct Vadodara company. He was fully aware of the potentially fatal consequences of consuming the concoction.

Amreliya’s role involved safeguarding the hidden stash, while Nagori was entrusted with handling the delivery from Chauhan and managing subsequent sales. Fortunately, their nefarious plan was thwarted before any potentially fatal transactions could materialize.

All three captured individuals face a slew of charges under the Indian Penal Code for cheating, forgery, criminal conspiracy, and adulteration, along with relevant provisions of the Prohibition Act.

This raid highlights the urgent need for stricter regulations and vigilant monitoring of the ayurvedic industry. The ease with which these individuals disguised and planned to distribute a potentially lethal substance is a chilling reminder of the dangers lurking in unregulated markets.

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