Alive And Kicking: Woman Aged 107 Becomes Oldest To Get Angioplasty

| Updated: June 8, 2022 1:00 pm

Ahmedabad: Marengo CIMS Hospital created history as they treated Badamben Vyas, a 107-year-old Madhya Pradesh resident, through angioplasty to revitalize the regular functioning of her heart.

The woman suffered two heart attacks last week. However, Dr. Keyur Parekh (interventional cardiologist) performed a successful angioplasty surgery at the Ahmedabad CIMS Hospital. He led the team, and Dr. Chintan Sheth (cardiac anesthesiologist) assisted him during the process. The doctors were astonished to witness movements in her within three hours of the operation. 

Dr. Parekh said, “After having a second heart attack within a week, her family brought Badamben to the hospital. Later, angiography revealed a severe 99% blockage of arteries in the heart. Her weakness and age were a challenge in themselves. However, we performed the procedure with zero error. We planted a drug-eluting stent in 15 minutes to resuscitate her heart condition.”

As per the reports, the woman underwent an eight-hour journey from MP to reach Ahmedabad. Regardless, her entire family accompanied her on this journey with their presence, love, and determination. Dr. Parekh added, “The family assured her about a successful operation. A few years ago, I performed a successful angioplasty on her 75-year-old son.”

However, in Badamben’s case, the hurdles were more than the age factor. The patient should be healthy enough because the doctors have to find a radical artery to undergo the intervention process. The centenarian celebrated her successful surgery with a bowl full of ice cream.

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