Gujarat Hooch Tragedy: AMOS Violates Several Rules; No Bail For Company Directors

| Updated: August 12, 2022 6:21 pm

The Ahmedabad district session court has cancelled the anticipatory bail for the directors of AMOS company accused in the Gujarat Hooch Tragedy. Gujarat Prohibition & Excise Directorate at Laldarwaja, Ahmedabad, have lodged complaints against the directors for scams and misusing the license. According to the officials, the company has not complied with the license terms and conditions. Thus, the cops have charged them under Section 65-A, 67(1)A, 79, 81, 82(1) of the Gujarat Narcotics Act. They have also overruled their license under section 83.

Allegedly, the directors and owners of AMOS, Samir Patel, Chandubhai Fakirbhai Patel and Ranjit Maheshbhai Choksi, are connected to the liquor racket in Dhanduka of Ahmedabad. Regarding their application for anticipatory bail, Chief Public Prosecutor Pravin Trivedi argued that the directors are responsible for the Hooch Tragedy deaths.

The investigating officers have also taken a statement of the offence under Section 164 CrPC (Code of Criminal Procedure) before an eight-judge bench. As per the investigation, there was no CTV camera on the premises of AMOS company. There was also no control over the quantity of methyl alcohol moving in and out of the company.

Officials caught AMOS red-handed violating regulatory rules

Thus, Jayesh, another accused, took advantage of the lack of supervision and smuggled methyl from the company illegally.

Further, Trivedi has also submitted a police-made affidavit regarding the license provided under Rule 9(1) of Methyl Alcohol Licensing Rules, 1981. it says the licensee cannot keep the premises open between 9 PM to 6 AM. However, Trivedi claims that the AMOS’s owner has violated this condition. Moreover, the rules also say that the owner cannot use the storage place as a residence.

Thus, according to the police report, the directors permitted workers to mess around with a harmful chemical that led to several deaths in various areas of Gujarat. It is a case of criminal negligence.

On July 30, the Gujarat Prohibition & Excise Directorate searched the premised of AMOS company and found 737 litres of Methyl Alcohol. The seized amount was higher than the prescribed quantity. Earlier, the accused gave 600 litres of the chemical from the company to another accused. During the investigation, the officials also found other chemicals like ethyl acetate 9200 litres) and nitro benzene (422 litres).

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