Indian Dairy Giant Amul To Set Up Processing Plant For Fruits, Vegetables In Gujarat’s Kutch

| Updated: December 31, 2021 2:51 pm

In order to give encouragement to horticulture and after considering PM Modi’s suggestion to setup fruit and vegetables, Amul has decided to set up a processing plant in Gujarat’s Kutch.

As per PM Modi’s suggestion, Amul should establish a fruits and vegetables processing plant and buy crops like pomegranate, dried dates and mangoes from the farmers to make fresh juices and other varieties. He suggested that the Indian dairy giant should then launch these products in the market.

The vice-chairman of Amul dairy and Kutch border dairy chairman – Valamjibhai Humbal has waved a green flag to PM’s suggestion. He confirmed that the process for establishing fruit and vegetable processing plants have already begun. An engineer was appointed to the project, however, the work got delayed due to covid-19 pandemic.

A special lab will be in place to check the organic fruits which will also be made by Amul in Kutch. The plant will be set up on a cooperative basis and it is worthy to note that the revenue generated from the profit will be diverted to the income of farmers.

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