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Another Twist In Aryan Khan Tale

| Updated: October 30, 2021 12:40

When Mumbai High Court is set to hear the bail application of Aryan Khan, son of Superstar Shah Rukh Khan on 26th October, there is an unexpected turn in the story which itself is everything except expected.

Prabhakar Sail, a man claiming to be bodyguard of Kiran Gosavi, the unauthorised individual who was seen catching hand of Aryan Khan in a way to arrest and whose bald face with a noticeable smirk in the viral selfie with bewildered 23-year-old in custody is in public domain, has submitted a notarized affidavit alleging that he has heard Kiran Gosavi talking to one Sam D’souza about extracting Rs. 18 crores from Shah Rukh Khan family, out of which Rs.8 crores would go to Sameer Wankhede, the NCB Director.

Prabhakar claims on camera that as an employee of Kiran Gosavi, he carried bags of money received from Shah Rukh Khan’s secretary to Gosavi to Sam D’souza. It is also from Prabhakar that the latest video of Gosavi holding a mobile phone to Aryan Khan’s mouth and making him speak originates.

As expected, the revelations has unleashed an earthquake of sort, especially when Prabhakar Sail is one of the signatories of panchnama prepared by NCB. The issue gets even darker when Prabhakar Sail claims that he was made to sign on blank papers by NCB Officers, prodded by Sameer Wankhede.

Sanjay Raut, the Shiv Sena leader  was quick in tweeting the concern.

“Witness in Aryan Khan case made to sign on blank paper by NCB is shocking. Also there are reports that there was demand of huge money. Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray said that these cases are made to defame Maharashtra. This seems to be coming true. Police should take suo moto cognizance.”

Following the revelations, The NCB issued a statement which read, “ An affidavit by witness Prabhakar Sail, a witness in crime number 94/2021 of Mumbai Zonal Unit of NCB has come to my notice through social media. In the said affidavit, Mr Prabhakar has given details about his movement and activities on 2nd of October 2021, the day above crime was registered.

As he is a witness in the case and as the case is before the honorable court and sub-judice, he needs to submit his prayer to the Honorable court rather than through social media if he has anything to say. In addition, there are certain vigilance related allegations against certain persons in the affidavit which are based on overhearing Mr Prabhakar.”

The closing statement read, “Our zonal director, Mumbai Zonal Unit, Mr. Sameer Wankhede has categorically denied these allegations. As some of the contents of the affidavit relate to vigilance matters, I am hereby forwarding the affidavit to the Director General Narcotics Control Bureau and requesting him for further necessary actions”.

Noted Film Director of web series Scam 1992 fame Hansal Mehta  wrote a note demanding Sameer Wankhede  to resign. His tweet read, “Sameer Wankhede must resign until these (serious) charges are disproved. Why should the onus of proving innocence only be upon those he arrests”

Earlier Nawab Malik, a Nationaist Congress party MLA had been after NCB, providing expose after expose about NCB in general and Sameer Wankhede in particular about what he terms as unlawful deeds. Nawab Malik has published photographs of Sameer Wankhede vacationing in Maldives and Dubai on social media, asking pointed questions.

NCB office was forced to publish the clarification in the wake of allegations by nawab Malik.

A complaint had been filed at Malad Police station, Mumbai to file an FIR and investigate against politician Nawab Malik and other unknown people to conspire, threaten, and intimidate a trial court judge and NCB’s Sameer Wankhede. Sameer Wankhede requested Mumbai Police Commissioner to ensure that no precipitate legal action is carried out to frame him

Naïve son of Bollywood Superstar as larger than life as it can get in film crazy India, got caught on the wrong side of the law with yet to be proven serious charges. As his lawyers put it “ He didn’t have money on him so he couldn’t buy. He was not found in possession of, so he couldn’t sell and since he was apprehended before the party starts, he hadn’t consumed.” It appears simple except that one is talking about drugs. Shahrukh Khan’s son was held on a luxury cruise in a raid conducted by Narcotics Control Bureau team led by Zonal Director Sameer Wankhede.

Well, almost. Because after the incriminating evidence of involvement of some shady characters linked with BJP came to fore, it was insinuated that Kiran Gosavi, a self-styled private detective and a wanted on police records, Bhanushali, a BJP activist fond of being photographed with BJP leaders or a Bigger power behind them led the team.

The NCB is fighting tooth and nail to deny the 23-year-old who only recently came back to India after studies abroad. NCB claims son of one of the most popular Indians, a mascot of Indian secularism and a businessman worth Rs. 5400 crores and his friend on whose possession 2.6 gram charas, could be part of international drug cartel.

Barring Hrithik Roshan, Puja Bhatt, Swara Bhaskar and Javed d Akhtar only a few from film fraternity have expressed support to shah Rukh Khan’s family during these trying times.

However, many  Indian celebrities and commentators are feeling obliged to provide a viewpoint. Businessman and former chancellor of Maulana Azad University Zafar Sareshwala who appears to be gravitating towards and being disillusioned by Modi in equal measures at repeated intervals feels the political slugfest around the case will definitely going to create more problems than solve for the father and son in agony.

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