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As 99-Yr-Old Indian Woman Travels To US, Visa Delays, Green Card Backlogs Spark Social Media Debate

| Updated: April 7, 2024 14:51

Dozens of users on social media platform X expressed their frustration over the prolonged wait times for US visas and green cards following a 99-year-old Indian woman finally getting American citizenship after years of wait.

“They say age is just a number. That seems true for this lively 99-year-old who became a #NewUSCitizen in our Orlando office. Daibai is from India and was excited to take the Oath of Allegiance. She’s pictured with her daughter and our officer who swore her in. Congrats Daibai,” US immigration services (USCIS) said in a post.

As the American immigration agency shared 99-year-old Daibai’s journey to US citizenship, netizens raised concerns about the extensive backlog plaguing the American immigration system. Many voiced their grievances over the arduous wait times for visa approvals and green card processing.

The US visa application process in India has become increasingly burdensome, with wait times stretching beyond several years in some cases. Professionals like engineers, scientists, and techies face significant delays, with wait times for visa approval often exceeding hundreds of days. This has led to frustration and anger among those affected.

Netizens said there was a need for reforms within the USCIS to address the delays and obstacles faced by immigrants seeking permanent residency in the United States and the accessibility of the ‘American dream’.

Some have raised questions about whether the dream is truly attainable for everyone, particularly given the challenges and obstacles inherent in the immigration process. Concerns have been voiced regarding the extensive backlogs and lengthy wait times experienced by many individuals seeking visas and green cards.

US Ambassador in New Delhi Eric Garcetti said, “Part of this is a legislative problem that Congress will have to address on whether it’s the number of legal immigrants, the number of green cards, or the number of people who can become citizens.”

He said there were just limits to how many green cards could be issued. “Like any country, I’m sure there are limits here, too. And that is frustrating for Indians, I think because there are so many Indians who want to come to America. And that’s a great part of our news, by the way. Second only to Mexicans, where Indian visas last year, the biggest number of students, double the second biggest.”

Garcetti also said President Biden had asked him to bring down the visa wait time for India, adding this was a “huge priority” for the American government. “I don’t think presidents even focus on visa wait times. But we all have so many Indian friends who are saying, ‘Why is this taking so long?’ That it even went up to the president. The reality of 250 is that it is an average. And I think the typical person is actually under 200 days already,” Garcetti said.

The US ambassador said there were several things that the country is doing to address the visa concern, including the opening of new consulates. “We’ve talked about opening two new consulates in the near future. One in Bangaluru, and another one that will be in Ahmedabad. Two, we’re working with the Ministry of External Affairs to put more bodies in India, and they’ve been very responsive and helpful.” “Third, we are shipping it out,” he said, adding the US councilors, who don’t have enough work in their countries, are working on Indian visas.

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