AUDA Hikes Charges Of Utility Towers & Poles

| Updated: January 28, 2023 1:33 pm

Installation charges for utility lines – whether overhead or underground – will see a steep increase as the apex planning body of the city, the Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority (Auda), has resolved to charge as much as 15 times the jantri rates for land on which electric poles or towers are installed.

Earlier, Auda had no policy to charge utility companies for cables. 

Auda’s policy was finalized by its land disposable and price fixing committee. In Ahmedabad city and Auda areas, market prices of commercial plots were found to be between 5.33 and 22.72 times higher than the 2011 jantri rates.

The Auda board resolved on January 7 that a one-time licence fee of Rs 100 per metre for overhead and underground high tension cables and Rs 50 per metre for LT cables would be charged.

In AMC areas, Getco and other power companies are charged a one-time licence fee of Rs 100 per running metre for high-tension and overhead cables, and Rs 50 per running metre for low-tension cable.

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