Bengaluru Techie Earning Rs 58L Points Loneliness In Note 

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Bengaluru Techie Earning Rs 58L Points Loneliness In Note 

| Updated: April 22, 2023 18:59

A 24-year-old Bengaluru software engineer, who previously wrote about feeling “lonely” and “overwhelmed” in life, didn’t find true happiness in a sparkling package of Rs 58 lakhs.

As other people shared their experiences, the note became popular on social media.

The original note was posted on the Grapevine app. Later, a user by the name of Sukhada posted a screenshot of a post on the microblogging platform. ‘The other India’ was the caption for the photo.

“Feeling saturated in life. I am a 24-year-old Software Engineer in an FAANG company with 2.9 years of experience living in Bangalore. I make a good living (58lpa before taxes) and have a somewhat relaxed work life,” he said. 

He continued: “However, I am always overwhelmed and lonely in my life. I don’t have a girlfriend to spend time with, and all of my other buddies are preoccupied with their lives. Even my work life is monotonous because I have been with the same company from the beginning of my career and do similar things every day, and I no longer look forward to fresh challenges and growth opportunities at work. Please advise on what I should do to make my life more interesting. (Don’t say ‘go to the gym,’ because I already go).” 

Amit Mastud, Co-founder and CTO of Upscale, advised him to join a startup or start something of his own. Mastud said: “He should join a startup or start something of his own. Everyday he will have new problems to solve with sense of purpose and directed to one goal which is to make his own venture a success and see happiness on his teams face. Life is about giving and creating value for others.”

In response to the tweet, Naresh Silla, another Twitter user, recounted a similar experience and said: “Some of my friends said the same thing to me, and I too felt it several times. Feeling lonely, saturated, anxious all the time. One day, I told my mother, “What is there to live, want to die early”, and she slapped me.”

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