Seven Best Wordle Like Games Worth Giving A Try

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Best Wordle Like Games Worth Trying

| Updated: July 28, 2023 15:09

Wordle’s yellow, green, and grey tiles have become an internet sensation, One word, five letters, and six chances, to make it or break it. But it is the human mind one is dealing with and one game a day is not satisfying to the minds and such addictive games attract the curious minds. So here are some Wordle-inspired games one can feel satisfied with.



A Singlish attempt by New York-based Singaporean Sha-Mayn Teh, Word-Leh has already garnered over 50,000 visitors. The game is very similar to the actual game, but instead of using the English dictionary, the game adopts a Singlish vocabulary. For example words like bojio, tahan, shiok, makan and so much more have been used throughout the game.



Similarly, Worldle is similar to the actual game but with a geographical twist and is specially made for travel enthusiasts and atlas fanatics. The game provides an outline of a country or territory and offers them six tries to guess where the vicinity is. Worldle also has a similar design of the iconic grey, green and yellow squares, but also reflects the accuracy of the guessed nation to the actual country.

4 Pics 1 Word


A game that netizens are calling ‘the original Wordle’, 4 Pics 1 Word is a nostalgic brainteaser that has unlocked core memories of our youth. The name itself suggests that the game offers hints at four pictures one theme, and players have to guess the word that describes the pictures. The game gradually becomes hard as the days and levels pass.



Play detective through the art of storytelling in Blackbar. In the game, players read through a short part of a sci-fi story of a dystopian future with some details missing as they are blacked out. Players are supposed to decipher the blacked-out bits in order to conclude the story. Perfect for those folks that love to channel their sharp thinking skills, this game is simply a must-try.

Scrabble GO


Scrabble GO takes on the same concept of the board games where you have to spell words on the main-board with the scrambled letters from your tile rack. When all the tiles are filled, the player with the highest score wins. The creators of the game have updated the digital game to include tournaments and challenges to make the game interesting. Whether it’s against a live player across the world, or against the in-game character Zoey.

Boggle With Friends


Spell out as many words as possible with a deck of letters presented to you, before time runs out. The player with the highest amount of words takes the win. It’s available offline too, so one can indulge in a word-search game, and is also a fun way to cut time while traveling.



In Crosswordle, one gets to figure not one but various words at one go, that intersect like a crossword puzzle. This game is a mixture of Sudoku, Crossword, and wordle, you’re given the final answer and are supposed to figure out words with the same letters that appear in the final word. The higher you go up the grid, the harder the game gets.

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