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BJP: The Indian Political Melting Pot

| Updated: June 3, 2022 16:39

Horse trading in the last minute to a deliberate jumping off ship to safer shores, label it as you want, but there’s no denying the fact that ideologies no longer govern Indian polity. Ever since 2015, the trend has been even more pronounced. Without doubt, the Congress has been the biggest victim of losing its new and old names to regional parties, and to the BJP at the national level.

In fact, just before the 2017 Rajya Sabha elections, defection and agitation became an almost predictable pattern. Those who once slayed the BJP and slandered the Modi-Shah combine, were soon “lobbying” to be with them. Patidar icon Hardik Patel’s recent move to the BJP follows the same pattern. Here’s a list of leaders who earlier bad-mouthed the BJP only to be singing its glory months later.

Varun Patel: (Previous party: Patidar Anamat Andolan Sammelan)

Not only did Varun Patel once publicly label PM Modi a pick-pocket, he went a step ahead and compared his skill to that of a pair of “scissors.” He added that Modi was not only a “chaiwala” but also one who pick-pocketed at Vadnagar station. “While the people are busy in their own life, Modi knows the art of stealing their assets,” was his comment.

Jawahar Chavda

Jawahar Chavda: (Previous party: Congress)

A five-time Congress MLA and former minister from Manavadar, Chavda joined the BJP before the 2019 elections. His infamously famous parallel is still the talk in political circles. Chavda is credited with likening PM Modi to the village buffoon, dubbed “nando” by locals. He had ridiculed NaMo’s suggestion of a sadbhavana upvaas while speaking at an election rally in Bantwa village.

Ashwin Kotwal

Ashwin Kotwal: (Previous party: Congress)

This leader shot into limelight when he likened Modi to Hitler. In fact, he even staged a massive protest again “Hitler’s rule.” Ironically, months before his switch to BJP, he stated that leaders leave political affiliations only for personal gains. “Only Congress worked towards upliftment of the tribals in Gujarat,” were his words at one point.  

Alpesh Thakore

Alpesh Thakore: (Previous party: Congress)

He hit the PM where it hurts most. The belly. Alpesh Thakore had sneered at the PM’s diet stating: “His meal comprises the Rs 80,000 per kg mushrooms. Three meals a day come close to Rs 3 lakhs but then mushrooms have helped enhance Modi’s complexion. Else, he was also dark toned like me.”

Hardik Patel

Hardik Patel: (Previous party: Congress)

This firebrand Patidar leader’s tirades against Modi range from accusing the PM of ignoring development for all and focusing only on a select few to lambasting him for privatization of education and healthcare. He is even on record saying how the BJP murdered Gandhian ideals. “I was not born in a BJP-made fancy hospital and hence I do not qualify wearing the saffron stole,” he had earlier announced.

Jairaj Sinh Parmar

Jairaj Sinh Parmar: (Previous party: Congress)

His famous rant still echoes loud and clear: “Yes, the PM is a watchman. During polling, he takes on the role of a sentinel to watch over while his deputies swap the EVM count and/or ballot papers. His agents distribute portfolios while he blows the whistle (like a watchman) to manage the show.”

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