Books Inspired Me To Write And Publish My Own Stories

| Updated: June 7, 2022 4:28 pm

My love for the books I received as a child on my birthdays inspired me to write and publish my own stories and books. My inspiration and idol are Sudha Murthy and Ruskin Bond. Like them, I want to be an author and publish suspense stories and comedy. When I face writer’s block, my parents and grandparents help me write stories.

Someday, I wish to publish my self-written comics. Sudha Murty’s books that inspire me the most are Grandma’s Bag of stories, The Magic Drum, and Wise and Other Wise. I like The Blue Umbrella and The Tree Lover from Ruskin Bond’s collection. The suspense in the stories makes them intriguing and worth reading.

Everybody loves crime shows and movies, but crime or thriller books have a low reading rate. It happens because it is often difficult to understand some phrases. Due to this, people leave it in between and start another. Not going to lie, it was tough to overcome the habit of leaving books halfway.

I want to own publishing business and publish shorts and long stories as an aspiring writer. I have already initiated my journey as a writer. My works have been published in Ahmedabad Mirror several times. In simple words, I love writing, the only reason why I want to be an author.

 Vashistha Pandya, Class 9th, Nirman High School  

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