BTS Leader Opens Up About Future Plans And Work-Life Balance

| Updated: July 1, 2022 7:14 pm

RM, the K-pop sensation and BTS leader, announced his future plans after the BTS hiatus, and fans cannot hold it back. Better known as Kim Nam-joon, the rapper talked about his journey from being a hip-hop lover to making his debut as a K-pop star. However, his plans sway a bit farther away from the stage limelight.

Nam-joon, an art connoisseur, revealed that he desired to do something in the space of art. He sat down with Intersections: The Art Basel Podcast and disclosed his hopes to open a place to showcase his art collection. He also wants to open a small café on the premises. Stressing on the lack of museums and galleries in Korea, the rapper wants to curate one of his own.

Nam-joon, who is 29 (Korean age), also shared his hopes and plans for his upcoming 30s. He said, “I just want to figure out ways to exist as a BTS member and leader RM, and as Namjoon Kim for my 30s.” Furthermore, he expressed his feelings about the seven-year journey that BTS went through and the personality changes they acquired over time.

He said, “BTS is a really important part for me: it’s the biggest part of me. But, keeping this intensity as a team made me easy to forget who I was & why I started this thing.”

Earlier in June, the K-pop band announced that they shall focus more on their careers while staying together as a band. An example of which J-Hope releases his first solo album, Jack in the Box.

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