BTS Star J-Hope Donates 100 Million To Children’s Foundation

| Updated: January 1, 2022 6:09 pm

BTS star J-Hope found a generous way to bid farewell to 2021 by donating 100 million to the ‘ Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation’.

The K-pop star donated the money that he won for the children from disadvantaged groups in Korea.

As per a report, he was worried that children who were going through the economic downturn and double hardship due to Covid-19 were going through a cold and lonely year-end.

The singer’s donation will be used towards heating expenses for children in low-income families and will also support childcare facilities and medical expenses for children. The star has been known to donate to various causes close to his heart.

He made a donation of 150 million won to children with nurturing talent and sick children in 2018.

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