Builders Can’t Avoid Govt Approval But Govt Itself Can

| Updated: November 7, 2022 2:23 pm

A construction company must undergo a bureaucratic process to get building-use (BU) clearance, while the state government can avoid rigorous checks. To obtain the BU approval, a builder must have the layout design approved, structural stability evaluated, and several no-objection certifications approved. However, submitting such documentation is “optional” for the government department.

Nearly 50% of the government structures built in the city by the state roads and buildings department have not undergone the meticulous approval process to obtain the BU permit, said an official with the AMC estate and town planning department. More than 45 government building projects in the city that are either finished or in various phases of construction over the previous ten years have bypassed the BU process.

A senior AMC town planning department official explained that this was primarily because of the 2014 general development control regulations (GDCR), which allow government entities to submit layout plans for BU approvals. There is a provision to “inform the relevant authority about the construction of government structures.” It is not required to submit the construction layout plan for approval.”

The state roads and buildings department has been inconsistent in submitting layout plans for approval. 16 buildings built on the Gujarat University campus, according to sources in the AMC town planning division, have not yet submitted their layout and construction plans for BU clearances. Buildings for government tax departments, such as mamlatdar offices and staff housing, have similarly disregarded the BU process.

The Central government authorised the construction funding for the new Aykar Bhavan structure at Ambawadi over a year ago. This plan has not yet been carried out. The top AMC town planning department official stated, “Public infrastructure projects, such as buildings in Gujarat University, are required to acquire clearances alongside their layout plans. “What if there are flaws in the construction? In such cases, a layout plan is useful since it can be utilized to initiate corrective measures.”

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