Cardio: Before Or After Workout…

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Cardio: Before Or After Workout…

| Updated: June 9, 2023 17:46

A chiselled physique is a cherished dream for the fitness conscious. But admit it or not, it’s also a by-product of lifestyle. People sweat buckets in gymnasiums, aspiring to be the hard-to-ignore Adonis and Venus. While the upper body and abdomen muscles — this holds especially for men — get a thorough workout for obvious reasons, cardio training is often neglected. 

Undeniably, cardio training is a crucial aspect that regulates our health. It’s not just about striding along on treadmills to shed those extra pounds. How long should you flog yourself? How exactly does a cardio workout benefit us? In this regard, Vibes of India had an insightful conversation with BlackkTraxx Fitnasium’s Satendra Singh, Karan Chauhan and Siddharth Kumawat.

“Cardio helps in warming the body and preparing it for an intense workout. It increases blood flow and heart rate in the body. A good cardio routine would be walking for approximately 30 to 40 minutes. For athletes, it may include skipping, which is highly intense training,” says Singh.

Satendra Singh

Chauhan believes fitness lovers must identify their exact goals. Are we training for weight loss, bodybuilding, or weight gain? Chauhan says, “While a good cardio session of 40 to 50 minutes could contribute to muscle loss, it helps cure diseases. Weight-lifting helps burn more calories.”

Karan Chauhan

Siddharth feels cardio sessions should be conducted after workouts as they boost energy, burn fat quickly, build stamina, strengthen cardiovascular capacities, and reduce heart-related problems. 

Siddharth Kumawat

Saurabh Kumawat, who’s a personal trainer, agrees that cardio after an intense fitness session is more beneficial. He says, “After workout, the body is high on blood flow and heat which helps in burning fat. Cardio before workout just drains a person physically.”

Saurabh Kumawat

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