Sainik School Balachadi Gets New Principle

| Updated: June 12, 2022 5:03 pm

Group Captain Ravinder Singh and Colonel Shreyash N Mehta exchanged batons at Jamnagar’s Sainik School Balachadi as  Colonel Shreyash N Mehta took over as Principal of Sainik School Balachadi on June 6, 2022. Through this exchange of batons, Group Captain Ravinder Singh, handed over the reins of Sainik School Balachadi to the officer as he moves on to his next assignment.

A special assembly was also organized in the School auditorium to bid adieu to the outgoing principal and welcome Colonel Shreyansh to the position.

RK Suvagia, Senior Master, delivered the illustrious profile of the new Principal during the assembly. In honour of outgoing Principal, School Cadet Captain Hrushabh Vaza recited a poem, and Cadet Neel Patel and Cadet Vedant delivered speeches. Raghesh PR, TGT Social Science, also shared some of his favourite memories.

Colonel Shreyash N Mehta expressed his thanks and delight in taking over as the 20th Principal of such a prominent institution in his remarks while addressing the gathering. He underlined the importance of punctuality, discipline, and moral values in the development of pupils, and vowed to work together to help the school expand even more.

Colonel Shreyash N Mehta, was congratulated by the outgoing Principal, on his appointment. Group Captain Ravinder Singh wished all of the Cadets and Staff the best of luck in their future endeavors and advised everyone to fly the School Flag proudly.

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