ChatGPT Gets a Body: 'Figure 01' Can Perform Household Chores at Command

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ChatGPT Gets a Body: ‘Figure 01’ Can Perform Household Chores at Command

| Updated: March 15, 2024 19:00

ChatGPT Gets a Body: 'Figure 01' Can Perform Household Chores at Command

In a recent demonstration, Figure 01 showcased remarkable abilities. Responding to inquiries about its surroundings, the robot aced visual recognition tests, accurately describing objects such as a red apple, a dish drying rack, and even the person interacting with it, all through its camera sensors.

While similar feats have been achieved in the realm of AI, what sets Figure 01 apart is its capacity for interaction. During the demo, when prompted for a snack, the robot seamlessly identified and handed over an apple, displaying not only observational skills but also physical dexterity.

Operatively, Figure 01 processes visual input from its cameras alongside transcribed speech, leveraging OpenAI’s language model to comprehend context and formulate intelligent responses, while also selecting appropriate motor actions. However, the specifics of its operation, including potential pre-programming, remain undisclosed by Figure.

Further highlighting its versatility, Figure 01 adeptly multitasked, explaining its actions while simultaneously addressing queries and tidying up the environment. Its human-like speech and fluid movements contribute to its persona, resembling a person in an advanced robotic suit rather than a conventional machine.

Originally introduced by Figure AI as a multipurpose assistant, capable of tasks ranging from factory operations to household chores, Figure 01 embodies the vision of automating mundane tasks, freeing humans for endeavors requiring creativity and intuition. This demonstration marks the first instance where Figure has showcased ChatGPT capabilities integrated into Figure 01, with previous demonstrations focusing solely on motor skills.

Backed by significant investments totaling over $675 million from prominent entities such as Jeff Bezos, Amazon, Microsoft, and Nvidia, Figure is poised to revolutionize robotics. While the true extent of its capabilities remains to be fully realized, this initial display has already generated considerable interest and anticipation within the tech community.

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