Child Labour: A Hazard To Society And Its Future

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Child Labour: A Hazard To Society And Its Future

| Updated: June 6, 2022 17:58

As the world will celebrate the Anti-Child Labour Day on 12th June, here’s a reminder: Children belong in schools, not workplaces. Child labour deprives the kids of their right to education. It imposes the undesirable never-ending cycles of poverty.

Child labour is a minor that does monetary work in exchange for mental and physical effort. There are multiple interconnected reasons why a innocent is bound into the shackles of labour. Mainly, they are poverty, lack of education, caste equality, and lack of awareness. 

A family, unable to cover basic needs such as food, water, education, or health care, sends their children to work to supplement the family’s income. Moreover, poverty is directly links low literacy, numeracy rates, and lack of employment opportunities. In addition to this, schools keep children out of dangerous jobs and ensure that everyone has access to a high-quality education.

Unfortunately, the caste system still prevails in rural regions of India. In remote places, people still believe that education is for upper-class people. Thus, society oppresses people from economic juvenility. However, a few people believe in family legacy and not in education. They misguide their offsprings to follow in their footsteps. 

Child labour robs our young ones of their youth and impacts their social development. Consequently, it increases socioeconomic disparity and discrimination. The triple burden of education, job, and home responsibilities, especially for girls, increases their risk of falling behind, making them more vulnerable to poverty and exclusion.

It is a wrong perspective that child ‘labour’ cannot go ahead of streets or households. In extreme cases, ‘labour’ enslaves children, take them away from their families, and expose them to dangerous risks and illnesses. 

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Samaira Jindal

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