China Sets up World’s Highest Meteorological Center on Everest

| Updated: May 5, 2022 4:46 pm

China has built a weather station on Mount Everest, making it the one at the highest altitude ever in the world. This automatic meteorological monitoring station is established at an altitude of 8,830 meters above sea level.  Testing this, the Chinese experts said that the information from this station would be exchanged through the satellite system and it would collect and transmit the weather information of the surrounding area every 12 minutes.

If one needs information about the weather at a certain place, this can be obtained from the weather station in the area. However, just as the weather and climate of the whole world is affected by one place, the meteorological department cannot give complete information about any place. Therefore, for accurate information and forecasting, meteorological stations are set up far and wide and efforts are made to detect weather patterns.

A team of scientists who tested this station, successfully transmitted the information and confirmed the system to be completely operational. This solar powered station can operate for up to two years even in bad weather and is also equipped with a satellite communication system for data transmission.

The station is built in such a way that it can broadcast code messages every 12 minutes. According to China’s Xinhua news agency, the new station has broken the record of British and American scientists. They had set up a meteorological station at an altitude of 8430 on the south side of Everest.

Earlier, China had set up three weather stations at very high altitudes around Everest. These stations are located at an altitude of 7,028 meters, 7,790 meters and 8,300 meters north of Everest. There are now seven such meteorological stations operating in Beijing at altitudes ranging from 5,200 meters to 8,300 meters.

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